If you are looking for an algorithm, this ain't that! Our curators read through your survey responses and your feedback. We hand-pick books from our inventory we think you haven't read based on your unique answers, and we hope we send you something you'll like every time. We aim for an interactive experience on both sides.


Damn, we're good! Look at us picking a book you would pick. 
Unfortunately we just aren't psychic! Can you use this second copy as a gift? Let us know in your feedback survey. This will help us to better understand where you are in your reading journey so we can try not to send you a repeat book again.
You're also welcome to send us a link to your goodreads or storygraph account if you have one, though we can't guarantee we'll be able to look through all of it. 

Ooof, we thought we nailed it. Because this is such a uniquely personal process, sometimes we make a mistake. Let us know specifically what we got wrong in the feedback survey so that we can better hone in on what you are looking for in your next book. 

To answer your Q with a Q, who doesn't love a well-loved book? Most of our books are sourced from library sales and reader donations, so they come in a variety of conditions.
We can guarantee that:
We will only send books that are in like-new to acceptable condition. 


Books will not have excessive writing or water damage.
All pages and the cover will be intact.
Dust covers may be missing, covers may have stickers, and spines may show some wear.
Pages may be dog-eared and include limited notes and highlighting, but the text will be readable.
Feel free to let us know in your feedback form if you have any requests about the condition of your books, though we not be able to fulfill all of them.
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We try to limit email communications to once per week. We don't want to get on your nerves, but since our communications with each other allow us to better customize your experience, we encourage you to subscribe to our emails. We can't message you about personalizing your subscription if you opt out of emails.
Recycle Read Repeat is a totally custom monthly used book subscription, and we use surveys to hand-pick the best book for you!


  • Initial Form: Please complete the Getting to Know You Form only once after placing your first order. This form gives us some initial insight into your reading life and helps us to pick your first book. We build from here. Forms are between us and you only. When purchasing a gift, the recipient should complete the form.
  • Feedback: Please complete the Feedback Form after you receive your book from us. You should complete this form each time you receive a new book. The more feedback you send us, the better we get at hand-picking out books for you! Feedback is between us and you only.
We love reading your reviews, but because of the way we keep track of customer information, we don't look at old reviews when we're filling new orders. Google Reviews are for you to tell your friends and visitors to our website about your experience with our shop. 
No, it's yours to recycle, read, or repeat! However, we do accept donations back through our recycle program.
Feel free to contact us using the feedback form below!
Please remember that we are humans filling these orders and we make mistakes. If you have any issues, please contact us and we'll do our best to work with you. Our priority is to get you the best books we can!