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Jonathan Abernathy You Are Kind : Molly McGhee


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Hardback, Like-New

Jonathan Abernathy is drowning in debt. If he can appear to be competent at his new job, he might have a chance at a new life. But at what cost?

Jonathan Abernathy is fucked. Jobless, behind on student loan payments, and a self-declared failure, the only thing Abernathy has in abundance is debt.

When a government loan forgiveness program offers him a job he can do literally in his sleep, he thinks he’s found his big break. That is, until he finds himself auditing the dreams of white-collar workers, flagging their anxieties and preoccupations for removal. As Abernathy finds his footing in this new role, reality and morality begin to warp around him. Soon, the lines between life and work, love and hate, right and wrong, even sleep and consciousness, begin to blur.

At once tender, startling, and deeply funny, Jonathan Abernathy You Are Kind is a piercing critique of late-stage capitalism and a reckoning with its true cost.